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Yang Lou Dong is a time-honored tea brand with profound culture. As the starting point of the Tea Road, it is covered in the legends about the once thriving road. It’s a pity that the town’s participation and influence in international tea market become weakened due to a special course of history.


In recent years, depending on the rich tea resources and profound tea culture, Chibi proactively gets itself involved in the state strategy of Belt and Road to create a mega tea market, explore local tea history, and revitalize the Tea Road. Under this thought, the Chibi Municipal Government has established a full-industrial-chain service mechanism that is made up of Chibi Qing Zhuan Tea R&D Center, Tea Research Institute, Academy of Tea, Dark Tea Detection Center, scientific research lab, and big data center. Besides, a medium-to-long term development plan and a three-year action plan have been drafted collectively by some scientific research academies and institutes (including Hangzhou Tea School, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Anhui Agricultural University, and Hunan Agricultural University) and an expert team led by the chief scientist of Qing Zhuan Tea and dean of the Chibi Qing Zhuan Tea Research Institute


For Yang Lou Dong Tea Industry, product quality stays at the core of its brand construction and underlying tea culture is its characteristic genes and philosophy. By reshaping the brand image and delicate promotion, the Company has witnessed significant improvement in the market recognition and influence of the brand Yang Lou Dong. In the meanwhile, the sales network also gets developed rapidly. By now, a stereo sales system integrating online e-commerce sales, offline franchise sales, and regular chain stores has taken its initial shape. This unique sales system and business operation pattern featuring market shares together lay a solid foundation for the Company’s achievement of brand and market development.