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Yang Lou Dong Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
Yangloudong Tea Industry Co.,Ltd
Yang Lou Dong Tea Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is a state-owned holdings subcompany under Hubei Qingzhuan Tea Industry Development Group Co., Ltd. Founded in July 2005, the Company is a state-level agricultural industrialized leading company that integrates tea plantation, tea product research & development, processing, sales, scientific research, eco-tourism, and tea culture advocation. Now it owns some modernized tea production, processing, and research bases, and has passed certification of such international standards as ISO: 9001 and HACCP. Its sales network covers countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, Russia, and Europe. 【MORE】
¥1.117 billion
By the end of the year 2021, the Company’s total assets amount to ¥1.117 billion.
1820 mu
A tea cultural eco-park occupying an area of 1,820mu is established in Chibi, Hubei Province.
20000 +
The company now owns and controls tea gardens of over 20,000 mu across the country.
Tea plantation
The company owns a core tea garden that occupies over 3,000 mu land. In this tea garden featuring advantageous eco-environment, the soil is both deep and fertile with a proper pH value. Local terrain is undulating. Bordering the Yiyangqiao branch, the base is enveloped by mountains on four directions, being away from national highways. No pollution source could be found here. On the other hand, the rural road network is quite developed, making local traffic quite convenient. An eco-tour tea garden that integrates tea aroma with flower fragrance, tea plantation with flower cultivation, and artificial efforts with natural magnificence is built. It’s always our goal to create a standard, demonstrating, and garden-like tea-plantation base with its own characteristics in Xianning, or even the whole country.
  • Core Tea Garden
  • Intelligent Tea Garden
  • Core Tea Garden
    The Yang Lou Dong Tea Zone in the history is centered on the present Chibi Yang Lou Dong. This zone is located at 30 degrees north latitude. The unique climate, river system, rainfall, water supply, red earth, and undulating terrain collectively nurture quality tea leaves. In addition, local temperature, humidity, climate, and light condition also constitute a perfect fermenting environment for aged green tea and Qing Zhuan Tea.
  • Intelligent Tea Garden
    In the tea garden, an integrated system with such functions as irrigation, 5G video monitoring, smart prevention and control for pest, smart insecticidal lamp, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for spraying predatory mites has been set up.
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